Beautifully finished Oak Framed Kitchen Extension

North Somerset

Green Oak Extension

We designed this beautiful kitchen green oak framed extension for our clients in North Somerset. It was a single storey oak frame with curved braces and direct glazing.

Our clients came to us asking for a space that would be good for entertaining, as well as having access to the garden. They wanted to use as much glazing as possible to allow lots of light into the room, and to be make the most of their stunning garden views.

Direct Glazing

There are two ways to glaze an Oak Framed building. Glass can be fitted directly onto the structural frame or, the glazing can form part of the external envelope, as is the case with normal windows. Large window units can be specially designed to fit whole bays of the frame. For instance movement should not be a problem because they are fixed into the external envelope and not the green-oak frame. With direct glazing, on the other hand, the glass is in contact with the green-oak frame, and some movement caused by shrinkage is going to be inevitable. The basic principle of direct glazing is to place the glass
onto the outside surface of the green-oak frame.

For information on direct glazing, please refer to the book written by Rupert Newman, Oak-Framed Buildings. You click the amazon link here. Or alternatively you can purchase from our website here.

If you want to create something similar we would love to talk through your project with you. If you have any drawings or plans, you can email these to us at Or you give us a call on 01934 877317. Our designers would be happy to produce produce an initial 3D design for you, with a quotation.


For another example of a Direct Glazed design, please click here to see Abbington Farmhouse

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